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The OARburn Rower

Kyle Meridith, The OARburn Rower, will be rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 2024, in support of The Lighthouse Club Construction Charity, and has officially began his fundraising campaign. Kyle contracted 50DEGREES as a media partner to produce the vast majority of his fundraising media activity.

Services: Photo & Video, Script Writing, Interview Video, Graphic Design

The Problem

Kyle Meridith, The OARburn Rower, will be rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in 2024 as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. The challenge will see him row solo, 3000 miles between La Gomera, Tenerife, to Antigua, Caribbean. 

Kyle has chosen The Lighthouse Club as the charity he’ll be supporting. Kyle is especially passionate about promoting male sun protection in the constructive industries following the loss of his Grandad, who passed away from complications related to Melanoma, which partly originated from spending protracted periods in the sun whilst he worked as a builder. 

Before undertaking this mammoth challenge, he first needs to raise at least £100,000 to facilitate the adventure (e.g. boat purchase, travel costs, food etc.)

Whilst Kyle has had a significant amount of support from businesses so far, this support has mainly been concentrated on supplying goods and services, rather than financial support.

Kyle reached out to 50DEGREES to help gain traction for his fundraising campaign.

The Process

Kyle and 50DEGREES agreed that conveying the uniqueness of the challenge (i.e. more people climb Mount Everest each month than have ever rowed across an ocean) and the benefits to organisations, businesses and individuals supporting his campaign.

Noting that The OARburn Rower campaign is in its infancy, videos that Kyle could distribute to as many potential supporters as possible to explain the campaign were viewed as the most expedient way of garnering attention.

Within only a few days, Kyle and 50DEGREES worked on a loose script and shot list, which would be used to guide a video shoot. Later that week, the filming began at Kyle’s gym. The filming comprised an informal video interview, which utilised professional lighting and voice recording equipment, and a dynamic gym shoot of Kyle working out in a physical training session. 


The Solution

The result of the half-day shoot and editing process was a number of high-quality, informative and professionally curated interviews. The videos are dynamic and grab the attention of the viewer within the first few seconds.

In total, 8 assets were produced, which comprised of an 8-minute campaign sponsorship explainer video, and 7 x 1-minute social media reels. Several of these videos can be watched below.

8-Minute Explainer Video

Social Media 2-Minute Story

The Result

In summary, the project was a success on the basis that:

  • The digital assets were delivered within 5-working days from project commencement, far exceeding the requirements of The OARburn Rower.
  • IWS were overwhelmed with the quality of the video assets provided to them.
* Project delivered Apr 22 – further feedback on the results of the project will be requested from The OARburn Rower idc.

Complete list of services: photo & video, scriptwriting, interview techniques & coaching, graphic design, media buying, media management, interview voice recording & set design, venue coordination, sound design, video editing, social media optimisation